What is Samdam Loyalty?

Samdam Loyalty is a loyalty program, through which the customers loyal to the group SAMDAM they are rewarded with loyalty points every time they purchase promotional products. To participate in the program Samdam Loyalty it is sufficient to buy any of the promotional products for which you receive loyalty points. If you are a customer SAMDAM and you are not registered in the loyalty program, you can access the section at any time Contact to request our acceptance to participate in this program. In maximum 24 hours, we will respond to your request.
Use Samdam Loyalty points to choose the products you need: the most desired profile products on the market from the best known brands. The Samdam Loyalty program runs simultaneously in Belgium, the Netherlands and Romania.

Who can participate in the Samdam Loyalty program?

Any legal entity that is a client SAMDAM and who accepts the operating conditions of the program can participate in the loyalty program Samdam Loyalty.

Why is it worth participating in the Samdam Loyalty loyalty program?
- Each time you purchase promotional products in your Samdam account, you collect points with which you can buy products from this webshop.
- The products are delivered according to the chosen product. Each product has a certain delivery time.
- Our offer contains a wide range of famous products and brands.

How does it work?
Order our promotional products you need in promotional campaigns and receive loyalty points. For every 100 euro spend you will receive 250 loyalty points. Only the orders received are taken into account.
You can choose the desired products after you have accumulated enough points.
The products can be ordered from the site by adding the desired product (s) to the basket.
Transport by Fan Courier with payment of the transport at the destination.