1.  Why does Samdam have a loyalty program?

Customers and customer relationships are very important to us. This is why we seek to reward loyalty and offer loyalty points for each purchase. These points can be used to purchase products from the Samdam Loyalty loyalty program. We offer a wide variety of products that can be ordered using loyalty points. The products are quality, representing the best brands in the field.

2.  How does this program work?

In the "Regulation" section you will find the explanations and conditions of this program. If you have questions that the answer is not found in the "Questions" section, you can use the contact information from out Contact page.

3.  I have a question about my order. Where can I find more information?

For all questions regarding the delivery of orders, you must contact our company directly through the contact form, a representative of our company will contact you within 24 hours.

4.  I want to order a product that is not found in the loyalty program. Is it possible to enter it in the program?

You can order the products that appear in the catalog/site. If you have any other suggestions or wishes you can send us a written, dated and signed request by email at info@samdam.ro. If possible we will add the products you want in your catalog as soon as possible.

5.  I want to order a product that is no longer in the loyalty program offers. Is it possible to re-enter it in the program?

Products that are withdrawn from the site and no longer displayed may no longer be ordered.

6.  Can I cancel an order?

Once you have placed your order it is not possible to change or cancel it.

7.  The product we received is not the same as the one I ordered. How to proceed?

All orders are processed by specialized people. We also do not exclude the fact that there are mistakes during this process. If there are problems with the delivery or you have any doubts about the ordered product, you can contact SamdamGifts SRL by email at info@samdam.ro.

8.  The product we received is damaged or defective. How to proceed?

We cannot exclude that the products may be damaged during the delivery process. If something happened to your product (s) you can contact SamdamGifts using the form on the page and on the "Contact" section. All defects or damaged products must be communicated within 3 working days of receiving the order. SamdamGifts will contact you within 24 hours of drying.

9.   The product I received is not the one I thought of. What can be done?

If the product received does not meet the conditions required by you or/and does not work properly, the manufacturer's warranty provisions apply. For warranty issues please access the contact form on the product page or in the "Contact" section.

10.  Who will deliver the products?

Delivery is made through couriers approved by us: FanCourier and Dragonstar but in some cases depending on the courier providers may be different.

11.   When will the placed order be delivered?

The placed order will be delivered during the delivery time established next to each product. If you have more products from different suppliers, the products will be delivered on different days with the delivery time displayed on the site. In exceptional cases, the delivery of the products may take longer.

12.   I receive the product I ordered, but I do not understand the user manual. Can you help me?

For explanations related to the use of the products, we recommend that you read the included user manual of each product. If the manual is unclear or incomplete, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer's contact details can be found on the original package of each product.

13.  Is it possible to order by telephone products?

Unfortunately, this is not possible, the order of the product (s) can only be done on the site, only if you have the required number of points and that is next to each product.

14.  I can't use the points anymore. How to proceed?

All unused points will expire at the end of each year. Therefore, it is recommended to check this account whenever you feel the need.